800 101 101

(free of charge from landlines in Poland)

+48 22 521 10 10

(calls from mobile phones or from abroad will be charged)

What happens if I violate the obligation to pay the toll electronically?

    In any cases of violation of the obligation to pay the electronic toll such as a vehicle not being registered in the viaTOLL system, improper installation of the viaBOX device, incorrect designation of the vehicle category at registration, entrance of a toll section without paying the toll… etc, penalties as defined in Articles 13k of theAct on public roads  are imposed.

    Under the instruction at the end of the administrative decision, each user with an imposed penalty is entitled to appeal the decision within 14 days after the decision has been serviced. Pursuant to the information delivered by the user, GITD may, in case of any doubt, call the viaTOLL system operator to present explanation and a review of the information received. If, following the results of the procedure, GITD decides that the penalty was imposed on the user unlawfully, then they shall revoke it and the user shall be reimbursed the monetary amount of the penalty.

    Formal appeal against the imposed administrative penalty is the sole manner of an appeal for the decision to be revoked.  Final decision shall be issued by the inspection body after a review of all and any material related to the case.