800 101 101

(free of charge from landlines in Poland)

+48 22 521 10 10

(calls from mobile phones or from abroad will be charged)

How does it work?

    The viaTOLL system is based on a short-range, wireless communication technology. This system consists of several basic elements and its operation can be best summarized as follows:

    Toll gantries fitted with antennas are located above the toll roads. The antennas enable communication between the transceivers and the viaBOX device mounted in the vehicle. Each time the vehicle equipped with viaBOX device passes beneath the gantry the driver is charged for travelling on a particular section of toll road. The driver is also notified about it by a single beep of the viaBOX device. The toll collection is entirely automatic, and there is no need to slow down or stop.

    The viaTOLL system operates on state toll motorways and vehicles equipped with the viaBOX device are able to use the designated electronic toll collection lanes. When such a vehicle approaches the barrier at the toll booth, the barrier will open automatically.