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+48 22 521 10 10

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    viaTOLL electronic toll collection includes an enforcement system that verifies whether a vehicle is subject to toll and, if so, whether the toll payment process has been followed correctly. The Road Transport Inspectorate is authorized to control vehicles.

    Mobile and portable enforcement units are equipped with devices that are able to check whether vehicles have installed the viaBOX device, whether they are properly installed and in addition whether a toll has been collected. In the case of any irregularities such information is automatically generated along with a photo of the vehicle and sent to the Control Centre. The employees of the Control Centre will verify this information. If a breach of the obligation to pay the toll is confirmed the information will be sent to the Mobile Enforcement Unit which will be supported by the inspectors of the Road Transport Inspectorate. Their task is to stop the offending vehicle, draw up an inspection report and initiate administrative proceedings to enforce an administrative penalty for failure to pay the toll electronically. If the vehicle is registered abroad the inspectors have the right to stop the vehicle until the penalty is paid.

    View a short animation, showing a pattern of control of toll charged under the viaTOLL system:

    If irregularities are detected the information is transmitted to the Mobile Enforcement Units. This animation illustrates the pattern of operation of such units: