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eNote manual

    1. Why should I select eNote?

    • eNote is available from any place in the world via the Internet, at any time – 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
    • time saving – you will receive your eNote faster than a paper version of the document 
    • for ecology reasons – giving up paper notes you help save the nature
    • certainty that the debit note does not go missing or reach unauthorised hands
    • you may download and save it (archivization) on your computer
    • we send to your email address a notification of an issued eNote

    2. What is an eNote?

    It is a Debit Note for a Pre-paid as well as a Post-paid Agreement issued in an electronic form and made available to the User on the eNote site.

    eNote includes the same data as a printed Debit Note and replaces the traditional paper version of the document.

    3. What is the eNote site and how to access it?

    The eNote site provides electronic debit notes (for pre-paid and post-paid agreements) and is available upon a previous registration with the system directly via the website or via an eNote tab on the website.

    The site use is conditional upon provision of an email address at the Customer Service Panel through selecting from the main menu the “Customer Details” option and then selecting the eNote box and entering the correct email address. Once you enter your email address remember to save the changes.

    Notifications of an eNote issuance will be sent to the email address provided. With the first notification you will receive information on logging details and an activation link, which will enable you to set up an individual password constituting the basis for further logging onto the eNote site.

    4. Who may use the eNote?

    Any User with an email address assigned to the eNote in the Customer Service Panel registered with the system may use the eNote.

    5. How can I check if my email has been registered with the system?

    You may check such information once you have logged into the Customer Service Panel under the “Customer Data” option or at the Call Centre under 800 101 101 (free calls for domestic landline users) or +48 22 521 10 10 (for mobile calls and overseas calls charges apply).

    6. Can I get an electronic and paper version of a debit note? 

    Customers may receive their debit notes in one form: electronic or paper.

    7. Is the User required to have an independent application to view the eNote?

    The popular and free application Adobe Reader is sufficient to read the electronic debit note.

    8. How will I know that an eNote has been issued?

    Each time an eNote is issued the user receives via their eNote assigned email address information that a new debit note is already available on the eNote site.

    9. What are the charges for the use of the eNote site?

    The use of the eNote site does not incur any charges.

    10. I have provided  an email address and I have not received my eNote

    If you have not received a notification about an eNote availability on the eNote site / activation link the reason may be an incorrect email assigned to eNote in the Customer Service Panel or no toll transactions in that month or the eNote box has not been ticked. 

    11. Will I have access to my eNote account once my Agreement has been terminated?

    Yes. The User will be able to log onto the eNote site and use all of its functions for 60 days after the viaTOLL system User account has been closed.

    12. I have several agreements for one user account, can I indicate separate email addresses for individual agreements?

    No. With several agreements assigned to one user account you must indicate one email address where the user will receive information on the availability of a new debit note on the eNote site each time an eNote is issued.

    13. I have other questions on the eNote site 

    Should you have any questions on the eNote site feel free to contact our Call Centre under 800 101 101 (free calls for domestic landline users) or +48 22 521 10 10 (for mobile calls or overseas calls charges apply).