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Guarantee Calculator

    Users with a post-paid account shall be obliged to present a guarantee of protection covering the entire expected tolls. This guarantee can be in the form of:

    • a bank guarantee; irrevocable, unconditional and payable upon the first request.
    • an insurance guarantee; irrevocable, unconditional and payable upon the first request
    • a monetary guarantee.

    In the case of fleet card operators providing the guarantee for the user then this is the only form of protection required and no other form needs to be provided.

    The user is obliged to maintain and supplement the guarantee throughout the effective term of the contract subject to terms stipulated in General Terms and Conditions for the post-paid account; confirmation of the conditions for using toll roads and on the terms and conditions for the provision of viaBOX (GTC). It also contains an exact formula for calculating guarantees.

    To calculate the amount of the expected guarantee one should fill in hereunder the number of registered vehicles and the average number of kilometres driven per vehicle per 45 days.

    A user who owns vehicles with GVW > 3.5 t as well as buses computes the warranty amount separately for each group of vehicles and while signing the Agreement presents a document for the total amount.

    Guarantee amount means the total of amounts calculated for all vehicles:
    0,00 zł

    How to calculate the amount of security required?

    1. Divide your fleet vehicles into groups according to their MPW (from 3.5 t to 12 t, over 12 t, buses) and exhaust emission class (Euro 0-6).
    2. Enter into the calculator below the data for the first group. The data must comply with the data provided during registration. Remember to assess correctly the number of kilometres your vehicles cover in 45 days on toll roads. Minimum number of kilometres is 2000.
    3. You will add further vehicle groups with a button “add next vehicle”.
    4. The warranty amount will be calculated automatically.
    5. Ask your bank or insurer to issue a warranty. A warranty should be issued as one document for a total amount calculated in the calculator for a period no shorter than 1 year. Warranty templates are available here [link].