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Documents required at vehicle registration – pre-pay account

    Documents and information required for viaTOLL system registration and user account creation – pre-pay account:

    • Name and surname of the owner or vehicle operator, contact details (address, nationality, e-mail address, phone number, etc.)
    • or relevant company data: company address , legal status, NIP number, ID number of a person representing the company and company registration number:
      • NCR
      • an entry into the Business Register
      • a copy of an extract from the business register
      • a copy of an extract from the register of companies
      • any other company registration number
    • ID card or passport
    • vehicle registration ID or copy of the vehicle registration ID
    • A copy of a document certifying the EURO emission class (commonly-used classes of certificates on emissions are acceptable)
    • A proxy to conclude an agreement (if the agreement is concluded for another entity/person by a third party or if a vehicle account is added to the agreement concluded for another entity/person by a third party)
    • Information about the preferred method of payment
    • Address for correspondence and information about a preferred communication channel (mobile phone number for receiving text messages and calls, landline number, e-mail address, fax).

    The registration process is finalized by signature of the contract by owner of vehicle/vehicles (or their representative) and the viaTOLL System operator.