800 101 101

(free of charge from landlines in Poland)

+48 22 521 10 10

(calls from mobile phones or from abroad will be charged)

How does it work?

    The viaTOLL system is based on the short range wireless communication technology. The system consists of several key elements and the easiest way of describing its operation is as follows.
    The GDDKiA managed toll motorway, the A2 Konin - Stryków and A4 Bielany Wroclaw - Sośnica, may be entered through a main carriageway toll plaza. When a vehicle or a combination vehicle with maximum permissible weight  ≤ 3.5 tonnes, using the viaTOLL system, approaches a main carriageway toll plaza on a toll motorway and drives down the lanes marked with the symbol of electronic toll collection for vehicles with MPW ≤ 3.5 tonnes, the barrier will open up automatically. Aerial dishes enabling communication between viaAUTO transmitters fitted in vehicles, are located on the entry and exit toll-gates of GDDKiA managed toll motorways, the A2 Konin - Stryków and A4 Bielany Wroclaw - Sośnica. Each time a vehicle (equipped with viaAUTO) leaves a motorway, appropriate toll is charged for the use of a particular section of a toll road. The driver receives appropriate information with a single signal from viaAUTO. However, if upon an entry onto a GDDKiA managed motorway, the A2 Konin - Stryków and A4 Bielany Wroclaw - Sośnica, it is detected that a vehicle has an inactive viaAUTO or a low (under 20 PLN per vehicle) or a zero balance on the pre-pay account then the barrier will not open. The driver will have to collect a transit ticket and then manually settle the toll at the exit lane.

    See how the manual toll settlement method (MTC – Manual Toll Collection) differs from the electronic method (ETC – Electronic Toll Collection):