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Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy
    General Director of Roads and Motorways respects and observes the users' rights to privacy. Below you will find information about how we collect, process and use information about users of website and how we protect your personal information, using appropriate technology.

    Processing of personal data of users
    Personal data are any information concerning an identified or identifiable individual person. All personal data are collected, stored and processed in the portal in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services. Providing personal data is voluntary, while providing the e-mail address is necessary to use the services such as "Newsletter" and "Registration" or entering a phone number to use the "SMS Reminder" service. Specific regulations may indicate other personal data of which providing is necessary in order to benefit from specific services. The data provided should be protected against any access by third parties and should be used by GDDKiA only for purpose of contacts with users, which are necessary for particular service.

    Data Administrator
    The administrator of personal data is:
    General Director of National Roads and Motorways
    Wronia 53 street
    00-874 Warsaw
    Regon 017511575

    The purpose of personal data processing
    Personal data are collected, stored and used by GDDKiA with the consent of the persons concerned, in accordance with the law and due procedures, and in a way that ensures their safety. The Administrator may use personal data only in order to ensure proper operation of the portal users, particularly in the context of "Newsletter" service, and to communicate with users who have given their consent.

    The right to access to personal data, their correction and removal
    The user has the right to access and correct his personal data provided to GDDKiA by "Registration" service (following the verification procedure of the user identity by entering a password), in the "Customer Data" lap. Deleting the electronic e-mail address is possible in the "Customer Data" lap in the user Profile. In order to delete a user profile it is necessary to contact the hotline. Deleting the electronic e-mail address specified in the "Newsletter" service  requires a connection to the website using the above internet address (called "link") located at the end of each message associated with particular service. Deleting the telephone number of the "SMS Reminder" service requires entering the phone number and selecting the option "Unsubscribe SMS Reminders" on the homepage. Any person who has consented to the processing of personal data for the purpose of the use of services, applications, or competitions available on the portal may directly contact portal administrator by sending a message to the following e-mail address: with the request to enable the user to access, correct or remove the data

    Protection of personal data processing
    The collection of personal data is treated as a database with a high degree of security, stored in a server secured physically and against remote access (IT). In addition, all persons processing personal data for the purpose of portal have the appropriate authorization issued by the administrator of personal data in accordance with Article 37 of the Act on the protection of personal data.

    Visits portal applications collect so-called system logs (including date, time and IP address) in an automatic way and they are used for the purpose of service server administration and to keep statistics.

    Other websites
    As part of standard operating mechanisms on the Internet, the portal may present links which lead to external websites. The operators of those external websites are solely responsible for the protection of personal data of the external websites as well as for publishing the content therein.

    Security guarantee
    The Administrator of ensures proper protection of the users' personal data stored in the portal. The applied security - compatible with a high technological standard and the current legislation for their protection - ensures full security of all information concerning personal data of users, their history of activity on the portal website and the data obtained through questionnaires, forms and electronic correspondence.

    Sharing personal data
    The administrator of data does not transmit (sold or share in any way) collected personal data of users to any third party. The data which the Administrator may disclose while cooperating with the operators, are general statistical summaries that do not allow the identification of individual users. For technical reasons, in accordance with Article 31 of the Act on the protection of personal data, the Administrator has entrusted, by an agreement in writing, data processing without changing the purpose of processing indicated above to a consortium of the following companies:
    1. Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Europlatz 2, 1120 Vienna;
    2. Kapsch Telematic Services Sp. z o.o., Poleczki 35 street, 02-822 Warsaw;
    3. Texel Sp. z o.o.,  Koronowska 24A street, 02-905 Warsaw.

    Transmission protection
    Data of particular importance - in particular, any kind of passwords - shall be transmitted via SSL protocol.

    The so-called cookies are stored on the user's disk in order to ensure proper functioning of the portal services. They allow the identification when reconnecting, as well as gathering information about how the user used the portal including visited pages and content and how the user reached them. The collection of this information allows us to adjust our portal properly to the needs of our users. It is worth remembering that cookies enable us to learn about user preferences, but not to identify who the user is.
    The user may at any time turn off the cookies operation in the internet browser options through the changes of security level – up to a complete cookie file block.  

    The settings change procedures for individual browsers are available on the following websites:

    However, please remember that cookies are responsible for the settings of the portal.

    Data obtained through cookies of portal are used in particular for:
    1. user registration - they allow correct identification after the authorization process,
    2. conducting online polls - remembering the responses,
    3. generating statistics of the service popularity,
    4. purpose of presenting advertisements on the portal;