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Manual toll collection

    From 1st July 2011 the drivers of motor vehicles and combination vehicles with maximum permissible weight ≤ 3.5 tonnes are obliged to settle toll for the use of selected GDDKiA managed motorway sections and therefore they may use the manual toll collection system. The Konin – Stryków section of the A2 motorway has been included in the toll collection and from 1st June 2012 it will also include the A4 motorway section Bielany Wrocławskie – Sośnica. The remaining sections of the motorways will gradually be included, after each and every time a section is commissioned to use. The manual toll collection system on the listed sections will be a closed toll system which means that the driver entering any of the listed motorway sections collects a ticket, which is the basis for toll settlement at a toll plaza when they leave such motorway section. The toll for the journey varies with respect to the type of a vehicle and the number of kilometres covered.