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Changes to the network of Customer Service Facilities viaTOLL


We would like to notify you that a new Border Distribution Point in Szypliszki has been opened. The new facility will replace the existing Border Distribution Point in Budzisk.

Detailed contact data is provided below.

Opening of the Border Distribution Point:

Country / Voivodeship Name Address Location of the road / city Opening hours GPS
Litwa / podlaskie Zajazd Malibu Kościuszki 1, 16-411 Szypliszki Szypliszki Mon - Sat: 08:00 - 20:00 54,252988

Closure of the Border Distribution Point:

Country / Voivodeship Address GPS
Lithuania / podlaskie Service building at the entrance, 16-411 Szypliszki 54,30623

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