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On holiday with viaTOLL


With regards to increased holiday traffic we kindly remind you the principles regarding electronic toll settlement under the viaTOLL system.

The viaTOLL system is obligatory for all vehicles and combination vehicles with maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tonnes and therefore it also includes the drivers of cars if the total maximum permissible weight of the car with a trailer (such as a caravan, a boat trailer, a horse-box, etc.) exceeds 3.5 tonnes. It means that prior to entering a toll road the users of such vehicles should register with the system and install in their vehicle an on-board unit viaBOX. You may read about documents required to register a vehicle on the viaTOLL website under the Customer Service section.

The drivers of combination vehicles (a car with a trailer) with maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tonnes who want to enter a toll road must install inside their vehicle an on-board unit viaBOX  with a function of manual switch on/off of the “vehicle with a trailer” mode. To turn on the “vehicle with a trailer” mode the driver must press and hold the button for over 2 seconds until the “2” LED light gives a single signal. Pressing and holding the button further will allow the viaBOX to return to the “vehicle without a trailer” mode and the change will be signalled with a single “X” LED light signal. This option is used by the drivers of vehicles subject to payment only when they have a trailer as well as vehicles with a trailer which are subject to a different toll rate (when maximum permissible weight of the combination vehicle exceeds 12 tonnes). Detailed information on the unit switch over is available in the viaBOX unit manual.

The users of caravans (integrated holiday vehicles especially constructed or equipped for this purpose, providing the travellers with accommodation to sleep and rest) with maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tonnes also should remember about the duty of electronic toll settlement for the use of toll roads and about the related duty to register with the viaTOLL system.

However the viaTOLL system is not obligatory for the users of cars with trailers with maximum permissible weight equal or under 3.5 tonnes. A driver of such vehicle may voluntarily use the viaTOLL system on the A2 motorway on the Konin – Stryków section and the A4 motorway Bielany Wrocławskie – Sośnica section and therefore settle the toll electronically. Electronic payments are settled via the viaAUTO unit which is available at selected Customer Service Facilities.

Should you have any queries feel free to contact our Client Centre. At the same time we kindly remind you that you may register with the viaTOLL system at Customer Service Facilities, their complete list is available on the website under the Customer Service tab.